2019 Bright Spots Awards Champion Innovation in New Zealand Schools

The importance of teacher knowledge for creating deeper learning

Supporting Children with Autism in ECE

8:00pm, 24 October, 2019 / Zoom Webinar
In this webinar Dr Hannah Waddington (Victoria University of Wellington) and PhD student Jessica Tupou will discuss simple strategies for supporting children with autism in an early childhood setting. This will include practical techniques for increasing engagement and participation; and supporting communication and understanding. They will also discuss the importance of including parents whenever possible. There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout the webinar.

Teaching as Inquiry for ECE settings

Teaching as Inquiry Workbook

Strategies for intentional teaching and when you might use them

Intentional teaching

How children learn: Principles to underpin curriculum design

Designing curriculum: Effective experiences and environments for early childhood education

Why the learning sciences also need curriculum design and deeper learning

We currently offer 4 types of events:

Seminars: researchers discuss their research specifically for a teacher audience, offering rich insights together with practical ideas and strategies

Educator Q+As: for teachers, by teachers. Expert teachers share how they are applying particular research in their teaching practice and offer practical strategies and resources

Learning circles: provide teachers with the opportunity to delve deeper into the research, and to discuss particular research findings and reports with each other, and guided by an expert facilitator

Report launches: we aim to release two research reports each year. Each release will have an accompanying event, which will delve into the main themes and implications of the report.