The Education Hub has a mission to bridge the gap between research and practice in education.

There’s lots of great research taking place in our universities, however, it’s not routinely finding its way into the classroom or leading to changes in practice. At the same time we have exceptional teachers across the country who are regularly innovating in their practice but we are not always very good at identifying this innovative practice, or capturing it and sharing it across the system.

We are building the online and offline infrastructure to support the sharing of research, effective teaching practice and innovation in education in order to improve opportunities and outcomes for New Zealand school students.

Our Activities

Knowledge Translation

Developing the online and offline infrastructure to capture and disseminate educators’ practical knowledge and innovative practice, and to disseminate research findings in diverse and usable forms to educators, policy makers and researchers

Convening and networking

Building a movement for change in education by bringing together people in powerful learning opportunities, to share ideas, build new knowledge and expertise, and develop improvement networks

Innovation and improvement partnerships

Supporting school-based research-practice partnerships to enable researchers and practitioners to work together to develop, test and scale promising new approaches to and in education

Research and thought leadership

Rigorous scholarship to advance and deepen our understanding of how changing contexts, new research, and evolving technologies are shaping education and to identify new approaches to policy and practice

Our Values

Educator driven: we connect educators with the opportunities, people, support and resources to use their knowledge and expertise to co-design and drive change and improvement in education

Child-focused: we place improving the lives and broadening the opportunities for children at the heart of our work

Active and collaborative partnership: we bring together stakeholders in active and mutually reinforcing partnerships to collaboratively build knowledge and expertise

Diverse approaches and outcomes: we encourage a pluralistic approach that embraces diverse perspectives and avoids seeking a single ‘right’ answer